North Rim is now a Firewise Community

North Rim has earned national recognition from the National Fire Protection Agency Firewise Communities/USA® program. The community earned this status due to our efforts to reduce the vulnerability of homes and landscapes to wildfire.

The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program uses a multi-step process to help communities develop an action plan that guides their residential risk reduction activities, while engaging and encouraging their neighbors to become active participants in building a safer place to live. The goal of the program is to mitigate wildfire risks and allow the fire service to concentrate resources on the wildfire itself instead of individual structures.

Some specific activities that North Rim pursued to earn this recognition included:

  • Completing practical steps to reduce vulnerability to wildfire including defensible space creation around structures, choosing fire resistant plants and selecting ignition resistant building materials
  • Working closely with local fire and forestry agencies to accomplish the above activities, including the enlistment of specialists to complete an assessment and provide achievable solutions
  • Educating homeowners to increase awareness about wildfire risks through informational events and distribution of materials

Firewise is a voluntary program, and the Homeowners’ Association will need to apply each year to receive the recognition, proving that the fire risk reductions are continually being applied.

Deschutes River Conservancy Receives Donation from North Rim Fund

North Rim today announced that it has awarded a $20,000 grant to the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) from The North Rim Deschutes River Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation. The money will be used for vital operating funds for the non-profit group, as it continues to pursue its mission for restoring streamflows and improving water quality in the Deschutes River.

Tod Heisler, executive director for the Deschutes River Conservancy said, We are delighted that the North Rim Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation continues to support our work restoring streamflows in the Deschutes River.  With their help, we have achieved a five-fold increase in Deschutes River flows – water that is so critical to wildlife, fish and the quality of life for Oregonians throughout the state.

The DRC is actively working with irrigation districts and other partners to allow more water, which was historically diverted through irrigation canals, to remain instream in the Deschutes River Basin. As a result of their work over the last 16 years, this section of the Deschutes River has seen a five-fold increase in streamflow during the hot summer months. The improvement to the health of the river, as well as to the resident fish and wildlife, has been dramatic. Similar stories are in progress throughout the Deschutes Basin’s rivers and streams, including the Crooked River, Whychus Creek and other sections of the Deschutes.

To support the work of organizations like the DRC, the North Rim Deschutes River Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) was created through the donation of a percentage of all North Rim homesite sales dollars. The fund has garnered nearly $800,000 since its inception in 2004. A board of directors, comprised of individuals from the North Rim Homeowners Association, consults and advises on the allocation of monies in the fund.

Catie Curtis Provides a Stunning Musical Performance at North Rim

There are two things the audience attending Friday’s Catie Curtis concert seemed to learn: (1) Catie is an incredible storyteller whose powerful and uplifting lyrics can likely seduce a smile out of anyone; and (2) there was a little magic in the air that night.

Catie Curtis, an award-winning singer/songwriter, wife, mom, philanthropist and female “folk-rock goddess”, has an uncanny ability to radiate a positive and authentic glow felt by everyone in her presence. While she’s been to Bend a handful of times throughout the past decade, her credits include performing at the White House, and sharing the stage with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams, Patty Griffin and Melissa Ferrick, among others.

What a night to kick off our North Rim Lodge Concert Series of 2012. It started off a bit magical with a timely light snowfall that looked dazzling against the white twinkling lights outside the Lodge. Yes, we’ve been waiting for this white stuff for some time now and it seemed to make us all a bit giddy as we prepared for Catie’s performance.

And then, a treat for us local Bendites! Catie brought guest, Jenna Lindbo, a Bend High graduate whose blossoming career led her to touring with Catie last fall. While the audience included much of Jenna’s friends and family, by the evening’s end, we all became fans of Jenna’s darling personality, moving lyrics and beautiful, clear voice (and boy, can she play a mean banjo!). One of the most moving moments of the night is when Jenna sang a song she wrote about the piano teacher that inspired her love of music, and her teacher’s late mother who had greatly influenced three generations of musicians. That teacher was in the audience and there were many damp eyes as we witnessed the love and appreciation between the two families.

And just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, we experienced another treat during Catie and Jenna’s final performance of “Let There Be Life”. “Is there possibly someone in the audience who knows sign language?” Catie inquired. One hand in the second row shot up “I’m a sign language interpreter,” was the response. In this intimate crowd of 80 or so people, we learned that this interpreter, CM, had met her future wife on a cruise in which Catie had performed years earlier. This couple has been emotionally connected to Catie and her music ever since, which had landed them in Bend on this winter night. CM spontaneously but beautifully interpreted the lyrics of a moving song that was performed with a power and emotion that was not lost on anyone in the audience. See a clip of it here:

We look forward to many more nights like this at the lodge, bringing people and music together. Please save the date for our next concert featuring Glen Phillips on April 11th. Tickets will be available on our website’s Lodge Concert Series page.